Erin Gray

How much does it cost to decorate babies bedroom?

Written by Erin Gray
Preparing the nursery is often the most daunting task for parents to be, which is perfectly understandable given that it is usually the most expensive part of preparing for a new baby. How much it actually costs for you to prepare you nursery very much d...

Best colours for babies bedroom

Written by Erin Gray
When it comes to decorating babies bedroom you might find yourself stuck as to what colours to use, even if you know the gender of your baby this can still be a difficult decision to make, especially after hearing horror stories of people being told the w...

Getting Pregnant After 35

Written by Erin Gray
We have all heard the term “biological clock”, and we all know what it means. There is an age where it becomes unrealistic for women to bear children, and this is when the clock is supposed to “stop”. This term is mainly used and referenced in regards to ...

Summer camps can be a great learning experience

Written by Erin Gray
Now that your kids are out of school for the summer you have probably heard “Mom,I’m bored” at least once. So what can you do to combat summer boredom without having to drag your kids all over town for a million different activities or f...

Secrets to a good nights sleep

Written by Erin Gray
Sleep is one of those things that everyone does, everyone needs, yet no one seems to know much about it. We know that if we do not get sleep it affects us in negative ways. When we do get a fair amount of sleep on a regular basis, we feel better, we can t...

8 Myths About Eating While Pregnant

Written by Erin Gray
Whether you’re expecting your first or your sixth, a new baby’s an adventure for everyone in the household. After all, who doesn’t like holding a newborn? In light of the fact that many women never lose their baby weight while others hav...

How to increase your egg health

Written by Erin Gray
When women who are having a problem conceiving visit their Doctor or see a Gynacylogist for help with their fertility, they will almost inevitably be told that they were born with a fixed number of eggs, which have now aged and there is little alternative...

Trips to the parent's bed: The night visitor

Written by Erin Gray
Has the patter of little feet running down the hall in the middle of the night or being poked awake by little arms and legs become a nightly habit in your home? If so, you should know that you are far from alone. Many toddlers seek out the comfort of thei...

Pregnancy week 28

Written by Erin Gray
Week 28 of Your PregnancyYou are now starting the third trimester of your pregnancy. Although you may be starting to feel a bit like a beached whale, remember that you're getting close to the finish line and within a few weeks, you'll be holding your new ...

Pregnant and Lactose Intolerant - Now What?

Written by Erin Gray
Pregnant and Lactose Intolerant – Now What?Lactose intolerant people lack an enzyme called lactase that digests lactose, which is a type of sugar found mostly in dairy products. This intolerance is sometimes mistaken for a milk allergy, but the two ...

Linea nigra

Written by Erin Gray
Did you wake up one morning only to look down at your pregnant belly and go "what's that"? If so you may have developed what is known as linea nigra. Linea nigra is a symptom of pregnancy that not all women develop, but those that do are often shocked by ...

What is a bloody show

Written by Erin Gray
Each pregnancy is unique. One thing is certain, however. When you are pregnant, your body is continuously going through changes in preparation for delivery of your child. Many of the changes your body goes through during pregnancy are expected and pred...

Why does my baby cry

Written by Erin Gray
Anyone who has ever even seen a baby knows that babies cry, but until you have one of your own you may not have given much thought as to why babies cry. Babies cry for lots of different reasons, after all, it is their only means of communication. The good...

What If My Baby is Super Sized? Macrosomia

Written by Erin Gray
What If My Baby is Super Sized?Before you panic about the possibility of something being wrong with your new baby, macrosomia is just the proper medical word that means over-sized. This is how doctors classify newborns that exceed the average birth weight...

Pregnancy week 1

Written by Erin Gray
Pregnancy week 1The running “theory” is that when a woman is one week pregnant, she is not really pregnant yet. This is due to the fact that the first week signifies when the actual conception takes place. The body changes she will be experien...

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