Erin Gray

Week 10 of Your Pregnancy

Written by Erin Gray
Week 10 of Your PregnancyAs you approach the last few weeks of the first trimester, you are probably starting to see and feel some changes. If you experienced morning sickness, which typically begins around 6 weeks, you can look forward that that improvin...

Week 30 of Your Pregnancy

Written by Erin Gray
Week 30 of Your PregnancyYou are now three-quarters of the way through your pregnancy and, chances are, you are feeling that the last ten weeks are stretched out forever. Believe it or not, this last part of your pregnancy will go faster than you think, a...

Teaching your child to write their own name

Written by Erin Gray
When you think the time is right you may consider helping your child start turning those scribbles into they enjoy making on paper (and everywhere else) into something a little more legible. One of the first things children learn to write is their name, a...

Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Written by Erin Gray
By the end of pregnancy most moms to be are tired of being pregnant and ready for labor to begin. Many of them are willing to try anything in order to bring on labor, but do they work? Well, no one thing works for every mom to be, but there are some safe ...

Foods that can improve your milk supply

Written by Erin Gray
Congratulations on your new baby and your decision to breastfeed. Breast milk is the only nutrition that your baby will need for the next several months. Breastfeeding allows you to provide your baby with a lot of natural immunity from your body, and also...

Natural Ways to Conceive Twins

Written by Erin Gray
Are you one of the many women who would love to find yourself pregnant with twins? Are you reluctant to try invasive procedures like in vitro fertilization but you would still love to be a mom of multiples? Not to worry there are some noninvasive natural ...

How to check your cervical position

Written by Erin Gray
Checking your cervical position may sound like something that only a doctor or nurse would be taught how to do, but it is something that you can teach yourself. You may be wondering why you would ever want to know what your cervical position is. The posit...

Secondary Infertility is Just as Painful

Written by Erin Gray
Secondary Infertility is Just as PainfulThere is a type of infertility that doesn't get much attention and very often gets little sympathy for those dealing with it. Secondary infertility is when a couple already has one or more children, but when trying ...

The First Signs of Autism

Written by Erin Gray
First Signs of Autism Autism is a hard diagnosis for parents to hear and it's often a hard one for a doctor to reach. No one ever wants to learn that there is something wrong with their child, but the fact is that the earlier autism spectrum disorders are...

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