How to increase your egg health

by Erin Gray [G+] | on 14th June 2013 |

When women who are having a problem conceiving visit their Doctor or see a Gynacylogist for help with their fertility, they will almost inevitably be told that they were born with a fixed number of eggs, which have now aged and there is little alternative other than IVF, ICSI or other fertility treatments.

How to increase your egg health

This is not a complete explanation however, and recent research has shown that it is infact possible to improve the health of your eggs and therefore your chances of successfully conceiving.

Eggs go through a development cycle of their own, whereby they are prepared by your body for fertilisation. This process takes around 90 days, and it is this phase of development where it is possible to improve your eggs health.

Chart showing the cycle of Egg development and release. 

Ovary cycle

Whilst it is true that all a womens eggs have been with her since she was born, they each go through a maturation process, during which the enviroment they are in has an influence.

The factors that can affect optimum development include the following:-

* Blood flow and oxygenation levels
* Hormone levels
* Stress levels
* Nutrition.
* kick bad habits

If you want to improve your chances you should address all these issues as far as possible.

Blood flow and oxygenation - this can be improved by getting fit, make sure you do regular exercise, running, swimming, cardio are all helpful in this respect.

Hormone Levels - this can be influenced by diet, for example Maca is believed to assist in promoting a healthy hormonal balance.

Stress - Fertility levels and stress are inter-related, if you are suffering stress then this can impact on your eggs development cycle. Minimise it, take up relaxation activities such as Yogo or Pilates.

Nutrition - Eat a good health diet plenty of Fish, fruit and seeds are good.

Bad Habits - Give up smoking and drinking.

If you follow the above advice, your chances of success should be improved, and your general health and wellbeing will benefit.  You should consider all factors whilst seeking to conceive, your lifestyle and general health as can be seen are factors, also if you are approaching the end of your natural time of fertility then time may not be on your side, these are all things that need to be considered and discussed with your partner and health practitioner.

Before embarking on a changes to your diet and fitness regime it is often appropriate to seek medical advice.

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