Implantation Bleeding

by sivklemets | on 28th January 2013 |

Implantation is vital if your egg is going to be able to develop into an baby, this article covers this topic.

Implantation Bleeding

Once fertilized your egg continues with its journey to your uterus where it digs itself into the lining and implants, The process of implantation can lead to some bleeding hence the term implantation bleeding. Its a good very early stage indicator of a potential pregnancy.

At the time of the attachment the embryo is termed a blastocyst, as it has already started to divide into multiple cells, the attachment usually occurs around day 8 or 9 of pregnancy.

For implantation to be successful the uterus needs to be in what is termed its implantation window, which itself lasts for around 4 days, during this time the surface of the uterus undergoes changes making attachment more likely and the conditions for attachment more favorable.

Once implantation has started then the lining of the uterus or endometrium becomes thicker than normal for this phase of the mothers menstrual cycle, trigger by the presence of blastocyst itself.

In order to implant the blastocyst sheds its outer layer, in a process known as hatching and the initial connection between to the uterus's endometrium is known as the apposition.

Interestingly the blastocyst has to produce immuno - suppressive factors to prevent the mothers body rejecting it. As it is made of 50% of your DNA and 50% from your partners, you body will otherwise treat it as a parasite.

Questions Mothers commonly ask:-

If there is a difference between the early pregnancy symptoms feel different to the onset of a normal period?
The feelings are much the same and you should pay very close attention to the other symptom you might also experience. Its easy to confuse early pregnancy with the start of a normal period.

Implantation bleeding is common during pregnancy and light spotting around the time of a period is a good indicator. Not all women by any means experience or notice this at all.

What does implantation bleeding look like?
Implantation bleeding tends to be usually pinkish or brownish in appearance.

If you have any unusual symptoms that suggest you may be pregnant, then always check with your Doctor or health care provider.

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