Losing your mucous plug

by sivklemets | on 28th January 2013 |

The Cervical mucus plug seals the cervical canal and helps to prevent infection entering the womb. This article discusses losing your plug.

Losing your mucous plug

Your plug is also known as the Operculum.

The Mucus plug is a solid plug composed of mucus its there to stop bacteria entering the uterus, if you loose it early then there is a risk that infection will enter your womb and compromise the otherwise sterile conditions there. It does server a useful and important role during pregnancy.

What does the plug look like and how can I recognize it?
Normally it look like a thick piece of mucous, if labor is close then it may appear pink or red, or be surrounded with a smaller layer of blood.

I've lost my plug but labor hasn't started why?
When you start to dilate the plus losses it's hold and can be lost, dilation can start several weeks before birth, so its not necessarily the case the birth will start straight away. It does however usually signal the rapid onset of the birth.

As with any medical issue in pregnancy, if you have any concerns or notice anything unusual then contact your Doctor or health provider ASAP.

What is a bloody show?
A bloody show is a relatively well known phrase, what it means is
when the plug is released it may manifest as mucous combined with blood, or it may be released intact, which is known as a bloody show and is a good indicator that birth is imminent.

Be aware however than there are conditions / complications for example placental abruption and placental previa whose symptoms are similar and potentially serious complications that can be confused with a bloody show, if the blood loss appears to be more than 2 tablespoon full then you need to seek medical assistance.

Can making love cause problems?
It's possible to disturb your plug during lovemaking, and care should be taken to select positions that are less likely to cause a disturbance. Love making is fine at all times during pregnancy, and can help to trigger birth particularly if you are overdue, sensible care should be taken not to cause yourself unnecessary problems.

Help and advice
If you need further advice or want to discuss and find our more about plugs, then visit our forum, we have lots of experienced members and medical experts who can give you tips and advice, always take care with internet based advice as its not a substitute for formal medical advice.  There are also plenty of community groups where you can exchange tips and advice from mothers in the same situation as yourself.

Babiesbase is free to join and use and its easy to make friends and discuss your problems or concerns in a friendly and helpful environment.

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