Faint line on pregnancy test

by sivklemets | on 25th January 2013 |

We all know that pregnancy tests show a line if you are pregnant and nothing if you are not, but what about a faint line, or very faint line? What does that mean? This article cover the topic.

Faint line on pregnancy test

There are several explanations for a faint line:-

You are testing too early, if pregnancy has started then it takes a few days for the hormone levels to rise in your blood stream, and from there to your urine. Test again in a few days time and see if there is a different result. Even a day can make a big difference. Nature works fast, but sometimes not as fast as your expectations.

Testing sensitivity levels, not all tests are as sensitive as each other, so you might want to try a different brand. A blood test at your Doctors or local hospital is the most conclusive, but persevere with your home testing at least initially.

Some medications can cause a false positive, so double check the instructions on anything else you are taking, as this is usually shown as a warning, though it might be in the small print.

Pregnancies can sometimes start and then stop, for example if an implantation occurs but it does not stay attached, or if the embryo starts to develop, but then that comes to nothing. These types of issues do happen and are part of nature selecting the fittest. Often these types of short term transitory pregnancies are called Chemical pregnancies.

Out of date Pregnancy test, check your tests date, maybe its been in the cupboard for some time and its past its sell by date, it can impact on the accuracy of the result and cause a faint line.

Incorrect period date, sometimes its easy to loose track of your normal period date, and it can also vary due to stress and other factors, if your assumption about the period date is incorrect then this may lead to an incorrect assumption.

If you are in this situation, the best advice is to test again and again over a the coming days and if you have any concerns then contact your Doctor.

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