Diaper Rash what does it look like

by sivklemets | on 29th January 2013 |

Diaper or Nappy rash is a common condition affecting babies, this article covers the issue.

Diaper Rash what does it look like

What causes Diaper rash
There are many potential reasons why your baby is suffering from diaper rash, common causes include:-

Moisture, diapers are very absorbent but there is only so much fluid they can absorb, if excess fluid remains for example urine, this can become broken down by the bacteria present in your babies pooh turning into ammonia which in turn leads to irritation.

Infection, the warm and moist conditions of a diaper are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria, so its important to keep babies bottom as clean as possible, and ensure diapers are changed regularly.

Chaffing, the outside world is very different to the conditions within the womb, and whilst baby is developing, its skin can be irritated by the rubbing or chaffing from the diaper itself.

Allergy or irritation you may be using powders or creams which doesn't agree with the sensitive nature of your babies skin.

Changes to babies diet or something new in their food, almost any change to a babies diet can trigger this, as this will also change their pooh.

Changes to your eating habits if your are breastfeeding then you are passing different materials over to your baby.

How to treat diaper rash.
The most effective and least practical option is to stop using diapers, a popular treatment are zinc-oxide creams which are effective, because they dry the skin and act as an antiseptic at the same time.

If the infection is due to a fungal growth, then there are a number of anti-fungal agents.

As its not so easy to tell the difference between bacterial and fungal infections doctors often prescribe a combined anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment such as a corticosteroid.

As with all medical issues concerning babies, its always best to check with your Doctor or health professional if you have any concerns.

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