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Welcome to our trying to conceive (TTC) forum, we are a community of mums and dads who share the same issues of how to get pregnant.  Sometimes things don't always work as we want them to, and in this forum we discuss all aspects of what can be done to help.


We discuss health, fitness and diet issues and the reasons why it may take longer to get pregnant that you expect,

popular topics are the first signs of pregnant and how to tell if you are pregnant or not.


Please respect that this is a forum for discussion of the topic and not for the promotion of third party websites, we carefully moderate all our forum areas.

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Our community is dedicated to creating the perfect board to discuss just about anything that is family related. If you are planning to start a family or have concerns about any aspect of pregnancy then you will always find like minded members who have gone through that experience already.

Don't forget to introduce yourself and remember to read our guideline and please respect that we are not a place for the promotion of third party websites or services. Our moderating team checks all posts continually.


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